Personal contact versus corona. 6 corporate gifts that bring warmth during year-end.

End of year is approaching and so you too may be looking for the ultimate corporate gift. Especially now that everything is via videocall, you want to make another investment in your contacts. What corporate gift will you use to convince your customers to stay close for longer? We list 6 original and inspiring gifts!

A highly personalized corporate gift thanks to our digital printing press.

1. Amaze with personalized digital printing

Digital printing it is! Our digital printing press offers you endless possibilities to address your customers personally. Your first or last name, a photo or the shoe size of your customers in your design: you can’t think of anything or it’s possible! Moreover, the quality is at least equal to that of offset printing.

Also not unkind: fluorescent inks that make your promotional gift stand out even more. Your printed matter will even light up if you shine a UV light over it.

Triggered? Discover all the features of our HP Indigo 7900 digital printing press.

2. Affection in a gift box

We are all looking forward to 2021, hoping it will all be better then. Show your customers you care with a mouth mask and hand gel in your brand’s corporate identity. We have developed a gift box that you can fully personalize into a frivolous corporate gift: you bring some color (literally) into the new year AND you boost your own story.

3. Custom champagne box

Schol! A bottle of champagne as a corporate gift is always atmospheric and special. And especially if the packaging is fully aligned with your brand’s corporate identity.

4. Calendar as a corporate gift: a cliché?

On the contrary! During year-end, a calendar or weekly planner remains by far the most popular corporate gift. The idea itself may be cliché, but your design doesn’t have to be at all. Scroll through our checklist of golden tips for an original, refreshing calendar that permanently graces your client’s desk.

By the way, remember that a personalized calendar is also a form of branding: an easy way to attract all the attention to you AND keep that attention for 365 days. Moreover, such a business gift shows your boundless ambition: you yourself are ready for a fresh start full of opportunities and dreams.

Not much time to get started yourself? Then we will easily integrate your logo into one of our own designed calendars. A business gift that requires little effort and yet is a highly personalized gift for your customers.

5. Tangible Christmas cards

Facebook, Instagram and mailings are immensely popular. But not to make a Christmas wish: too cold, too easy, too cheap. A true corporate gift may have just that little bit more depth. Nothing like a Christmas card printed fresh off the press with a personal touch. Not only because in these digital times, people place even more importance on the tangible. Research shows that in 87% of cases the message is also effectively read: so your message arrives literally and figuratively. Moreover, such a card helps brighten your customers’ workplace. And admit it: couldn’t we all use some happy Christmas vibes these days?

6. Extend your corporate identity into your promotional gift

Of course, a Christmas card is temporary, and after the champagne has popped, that box might disappear into the trash. If you want to hold attention for longer, a notebook is also an ideal promotional gift. Everyone is made happy by a fresh notebook to scribble in. Can it be a little more with the holidays? Let us design a stylish presentation box with all items in your company’s corporate identity.

Ready for the real thing? Schedule a meeting through Teams, and we’ll have a spicy apple tea together to get in the Christmas spirit and tell you everything you want to know.

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