Are you a “paper diary person”?

A new year? That means a fresh start. And perhaps also the search for a new best friend to help you with your daily and weekly planning: the paper calendar is all the way back. With reason!

Your paper diary is a multipurpose tool

A digital calendar is a digital calendar and that’s all it is: a tad boring, mundane, weekday. Then a paper diary has much more character, simply because you can do much more with it. It is an all-in-one tool that comes in handy as a to-do list, sketchbook or even diary. A personal instrument in which you give free rein to your thoughts, creativity and writing. Scribbles, milestones, concoctions and other notes: every day your calendar contains a little more of yourself.

Get shit done

It’s scientifically proven: what you write, you remember better than what you type. So a paper diary helps you memorize important things. And how easy isn’t it when your daily schedule and to do’s are just in your head? Done with brainless googling too, some memory training brings a person back to life.

paper diary - loading


Social media, WhatsApp, news and entertainment apps, and so on: your phone is the source of everything today. Staying away from the screen once in a while can just be virtuous, too. By choosing a paper calendar, you avoid a lot of aimless scrolling and clicking. You are less likely to be distracted and thus less dependent on your smartphone. Plus, you never have to update your paper friend, it doesn’t crash and never surprises you with a dead battery.

A paper diary is easy and convenient

A paper calendar offers you more overview and flexibility than a digital planner. You see everything at a glance, whereas on your smartphone you often have to scroll to get a clear view of your weekly or monthly schedule. Moreover, you can easily and quickly take notes or jot down ideas while on the phone. In short, a real agenda will save you time and convenience.

A personalized calendar is your business card

A diary does not have to be a boring black notebook. You can even have it fully personalized so that it becomes part of your professional image. Consider your logo or company name on the cover. Or specific pages or a reading ribbon in your corporate colors. In other words, your paper diary is the perfect business card for your company.