A digital brand portal for Van Mossel Automotive Group

For companies seeking consistent brand communication and efficiency in their marketing processes, a brand portal such as BAAS is a solution. We recently successfully introduced this at Van Mossel Automotive Group.

For a company like Van Mossel, with offices in several countries and a wide range of car brands in their portfolio, managing marketing materials and corporate identity documents can be a challenge. Their own brand portal comes in handy as an innovative solution that simplifies communication and ensures uniformity.

Brand consistency

With more than 6,000 employees and offices across Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, Van Mossel represents 25 leading car brands. Maintaining brand consistency in their communications was a challenge, especially given the diversity of locations and number of employees involved in these communications.

Brand portal: BAAS (Buroform As A Service)

To meet this challenge, Van Mossel implemented the digital brand portal BAAS, developed by Buroform. BAAS acts as a central platform for managing and sharing marketing materials and corporate identity documents. It seamlessly connects Van Mossel’s marketing environment with our printing presses, allowing marketing materials to be produced quickly and efficiently.

The benefits of BAAS

Central management: All marketing assets and corporate identity documents are centrally managed in one place, resulting in a single source of truth for the entire company.

Global accessibility: regardless of location, all sites worldwide can access the same resources and materials.

Brand consistency: BAAS ensures that all communications are consistent with Van Mossel’s corporate identity guidelines, ensuring professional appearance.

Version control: Users always have access to the latest designs and materials, thanks to built-in version control.

Customizability: While staying within the corporate identity guidelines, users can easily customize marketing materials such as name cards, letterheads, envelopes, presentation folders to fit their specific needs.

Our digital brand portal BAAS (Buroform As A Service) is the direct link between your marketing environment and our printing presses. All your marketing resources are centrally managed and accessible globally.

Wondering how BAAS can help your company achieve brand consistency and communicate more effectively? We are happy to offer a free demo of our platform. Contact Jesse to discuss the possibilities.