Customer in the spotlight: Martine Hul of jewelry brand Hulchi Belluni

Our eyes twinkle because Hulchi Belluni ‘s new catalog is out. The jewelry brand is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary in our country. Not only is it distinguished by a very sophisticated design aesthetic, the label is also based on a unique vision: its collections are based on “Chi,” the positive life energy according to Eastern Feng Shui philosophy, which brings harmony to body and mind. We spoke with founder and inspirer Martine Hul. She first unleashed her vibrant creativity on the world more than 20 years ago. She has since conquered most of that world single-handedly with her sublime collections.

Martine with model Jenna on the shoot in Morocco.

Hello Martine, behind Hulchi Belluni’s designs is a special symbolism, largely based on Feng Shui. Please explain?

“Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of living that revolves around the five basic natural elements. Central to this is ‘Chi,’ a positive energy that brings peace and balance to your life. Some thirty-five years ago, I came in contact with the philosophy through a friend. Since then I have continued to study it. The idea is that when all the elements of your life are in balance, you are in harmony with yourself and your environment. In other words, when your “Chi” is right, you feel better, healthier and happier. Our jewelry radiates that positive life force. They are happiness symbols that translate personal emotions. In fact, ‘Chi’ gives direction to everything we do at Hulchi Belluni. The interior of our offices, trade show booths, the family functioning within our team, the enthusiastic collaboration with clients and partners: you can find that positive vibe in everything.”

The term “Chi” is contained in your name. Hul in turn refers to your own family name. But Belluni also refers to “Bella Luna,” the moon. How important is it?

“The light of the moon is something very special. There is a kind of mysterious romance emanating from it that can touch me very much emotionally. In am an avid Africa traveler. On my first trip to the continent, I stayed in a lodge during a safari. In the evening after one of our trips, I wanted to take a shower. As I stepped outside, I was caught by that twinkling object in the sky. That frenzied light source right above my head, in the blackness of the night with only the silence of nature around me: there was something magical about it. That moment has always stayed with me.”

Today, Hulchi Belluni’s offerings are vastly varied. How would you describe the collections themselves?

“Hulchi Belluni once started as a classic line. Today the collections consist of different styles, largely focused on the sport habillé. We have a jewel for every type of woman. Small, large, soft, wild, fine, set, you name it. Comfort is key here. The majority of our jewelry is meant to be worn every day. They are very feminine, but not flashy. A piece of jewelry should subtly contribute to your personality. It should be part of your identity and accentuate your character, without being overpowering.”

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

“My inspiration comes from the moment. For example, the shape of a building or object can touch me. Or something I see at a restaurant, on a museum visit or while walking. A special shoe, a key on a door in an Italian alley…. Everything around me can be a trigger.”

A new catalog is coming out. The footage was shot in the desert of Morocco. Why that choice?

“As I mentioned, I am a big Africa lover. No matter which country you visit, each time you are introduced to a totally different world so far away from what you are used to at home. The animals, the nature, the smells, the silence: the purity of Africa attracts me and I also find it in the desert. That’s where I feel happy. A jewel also comes out much better in the midst of such a setting. The light there is very special. In a forest, for example, there are too many impressions. I want as pure a landscape as possible, in which the power of the jewel can be fully expressed.”

Buroform printed the catalog. How did you get in touch with our printing company?

“For the new catalog, we wanted to break new ground. It all needed to be a little more daring and different, and Buroform is the place to be. Until before this, we always had our lookbooks printed digitally. This time we chose offset, a special paper and some wonderful techniques that enhance the experience of the lookbook. For example, because we work with many spread photos, we chose OTAbind as our binding method. Thus, the book always falls open nicely. The cover incorporates the logo with blind embossing, which gives a very nice tactility. In addition, we opted for a special paper that brings out the jewelry in the best possible way. These days, matte papers with a grain are very in, but that doesn’t work if you want to highlight jewelry. It has been a quest to find the right type of paper, but you assisted us very well with that. The end result is exactly what we envisioned. The catalog perfectly conveys what we do at Hulchi Belluni and who we are. It is the work of an entire team, both people within our own company and outside talent. That’s the beauty of this story.