Client in the spotlight: Studio Anorak

If you were there during our second Café Cliché edition, you could already meet An Eisendrath. Under the name Studio Anorak, she has been working as a graphic designer for 20 years. Her portfolio includes such names as City of Antwerp, Brussels Philharmonic and Design Flanders. In addition, she is a type-print lover from the very beginning. About the use of old printing presses, she regularly gives workshops and lectures. These are highly recommended: An usually takes you to the Museum Plantin-Moretus, the place to be if you are passionate about old printing techniques.

You are primarily a print designer: why this passion for paper?

Studio Anorak: “Ironically, I graduated as a web designer. Before I became self-employed, I worked for a long time in a small design studio, working on animations: great work, even better colleagues, and yet I missed something. Sitting in front of the computer all day wasn’t for me. I need to be able to hold things and get my hands dirty. The tangible aspect of printing has always fascinated me. Guiding a project from A to Z, seeing which paper and printing technique best suits a design, that’s what I do it for.”

And of all these techniques, type printing stands out for you?

Studio Anorak: “No doubt about it! I’m someone who works very typographically anyway. The history of typography has always strongly appealed to me. There also lies the basis of typo printing. In addition, I have something with old machines and printing presses. I like traditional work because it gives a lot of creative freedom. I now have two old type printing presses at home, which I use regularly for printing my own work. And, of course, I regularly give workshops. Sometimes also in collaboration with print historian Patrick Goossens. He has an impressive typographic private collection at his disposal.”

How did you get in touch with Buroform?

Studio Anorak: “In the past, I have created a number of designs for Buroform. Then we started working together more and more. One project I’m very proud of in that regard is the art book on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of D.A.T.E. We were on a tight schedule and fairly limited budget, but the result is overwhelming. During that collaboration, I really experienced how much knowledge and expertise there is with you guys.”

How do you look back on Café Cliché, your most recent collaboration with Buroform?

Studio Anorak: “Because Café Cliché was about letterpress, it was a prestige project for me anyway. Normally, the March event would have gone on in the print shop. Buroform had asked me to design a series of inspiration cards to be used during the event. But then came the lockdown, which prevented me from seeing the final result. Until a while back. When Café Cliché was transformed into an online event, I suddenly got those cards in the mail. I opened the package and was really blown away by the quality of the printing: so beautiful! As a designer, you have a certain idea about the effect of a design. Then, when you find that everything is as hoped and the printing actually enhances your design, it gives you tremendous satisfaction.”