Café Cliché x The Do Do Do

On November 17, it was finally here: Café Cliché edition two. For that, we tapped from a completely different keg: for the sake of you know, we brought the event – and an accompanying inspiration package – into the living room. So a serving of Buroform television avant la lettre, which even tastes like more!

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After the success of Café Cliché x Color Class(h)(2019), our thoughts were pretty much on the next edition. Letterpress, hotfoil and related printing techniques are not only ubiquitous, when combined with the right paper, they offer you tremendous opportunities to be creative. Therefore, the plan was to gather around us a group of experts who would fully immerse you as a graphic designer in the story of type printing. Programmed were print historian Patrick Goossens, graphic designer An Eisendrath, Papyrus associate Sofie Jacobs, cliché supplier Repro Hermans and our very own paper and print expert Valérie Maes, each of whom would spill their secrets.

Corona: help!

And then disaster struck. Our invitations were barely out the door, or the coronavirus threw a spanner in the works. Since serve was never an option, Café Cliché was first postponed, only to be completely rebranded: edition two would be a home event, served via video, but also flavored by the same inspired speakers. The camera became our best friend (cough 😉 ).

Besides, we were just in time, because it took until the day itself to actually finish with everything. Exciting, extremely exciting but then also incredibly relaxing to see that everything turned out all right after all.

Café Cliché is a night out for all those who enjoy a firm dose of creativity. During this second edition, we tapped from a totally different keg than usual: we served up an online event about letterpress, hotfoil and other (typo)graphic goodies.

Buroform television avant la lettre

The broadcast was opened by our manager Jesse. Afterwards, inspirer of Café Cliché Valérie Maes took charge of the service and guided you from expert to expert. So from his treasury, Patrick Goossens took you back in time, from Johannes Gutenberg’s very first printing press to the Heidelberger degel presses we still work with today. Next, An – Studio Anorak – Eisendrath was given the floor about her great passion typo-printing. With her inimitable smile and love for the craft, she told us about her passion for letterpress and artisan printing.

We closed with an analysis of the bundle of inspiration cards that each Café Cliché participant had received in advance. Indeed, all those who had registered received an inspiration packet in the mail, equipped with the bundle combining different techniques and paper types. In our reception hall, An Eisendrath and Sofie Jacobs of Papyrus were given a chair. Erwin of Dutch Repro Hermans participated from a distance. Thanks also to our print expert (and moderator) Valérie Maes, who may quietly aspire to have her own talk show.

From left to right: Sofie Jacobs of Papyrus, Valérie Maes of Buroform, An Eisendrath of Studio Anorak.

More inspiration cards on the way

Thanks to the bundle of inspiration cards, we still managed to make this Café Cliché a tactile experience. The plan is to add to that collection in the future, as we too keep discovering new techniques to share with you.

Still have questions about these printing techniques or Café Cliché? Valérie will be happy to provide you with answers!

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