Visiting Heidelberg

In early September, we visited the headquarters of Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG. The reason: the Low Energy-UV, acarbon-neutral printing press that is fully automated to deliver the highest quality printing. Soon our wet dream will come true and the innovation will actually show off in our studio. Our print shop thus resolutely moves toward a more efficient workflow with a strong focus on ecological printing.

Heidelberg at work

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG is a fantastic company. The printing press manufacturer is a world leader in high-tech solutions for the printing industry and serves printing companies from all over the world. We too are fans from the very beginning. During our visit, that love only increased. For some time we had been considering the next addition to our machinery: the LE UV, an advanced offset printing press that guarantees superior performance and quality. In early September, we went to scout the technology one last time at the new state-of-the-art headquarters in Wiesloch, where the printing presses are built and assembled.

As soon as you enter Heidelberg’s buildings, you notice how much passion and knowledge are present. After less than an hour of testing and explanation, we were completely convinced: the LE UV is the tool to further fulfill our customers’ high expectations. Like any industry, the graphic arts market today focuses heavily on production efficiency and sustainability. From that perspective, this offset press is an absolute must-have for any forward-looking print shop.

Sneak preview of our new press

Smart & sustainable

As of January 20, Heidelberg’s LE UV offset printing press is showing off in our studio. With that, we will further optimize our workflow. “The great strength of this printing press is the push-to-stop technology,” says Jesse Marynen. “Sensors and software control the production processes, allowing the press to operate completely autonomously and minimizing manual operations.” As a result, not only are we able to produce more in less time, the print quality is also of the highest level. Moreover, thisCO2-neutral printing press from Heidelberg promotes an ecologically responsible way of working. High productivity is accompanied by less waste and huge energy savings. So Buroform is not just evolving into a smart print shop, we are also taking responsibility in the area of sustainable business.

The LE UV offset press we will soon welcome to our studio will set a new standard in a graphics market that is increasingly focused on sustainability and production efficiency.

Battle? Double and thick even

Work hard, play better. Yes, that’s how we think too. Since we are not in Germany every week anyway, after our visit to Heidelberg we drove towards the sublime greens of Golf St Leon Rot, where we shaved a little more on our handicap. Battle thus struck! Because fully charged and with a new state-of-the-art printing press on the horizon, we returned home!