Strengthen relationships with strong year-end printing

The end of the year is approaching, and you know what that means: time to impress. Leave digital for a moment and throw in the tangible. We’re going all-in with tactile, eye-catching and super memorable year-end printing! From textures you must touch to colors that splash off the paper. Jingle bells, here we come!

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Christmas Cards

Great, soon we will open the mailbox and for a change there will be something in it other than bills and advertising. Christmas cards with the most beautiful Christmas wishes on them. Choose a special paper or distinctive printing techniques. At Christmas, it may already be a little more.

Calendars: your brand, all year long

You can’t start planning early enough. Giving your associates a calendar in your style makes you indispensable 365 days. Also include some helpful tips, punishing quotes or tasty recipes that fit what you do. That way, that calendar becomes not only an eye-catcher, but also a topic of conversation!

Wine boxes & champagne boxes: cheers to a strong brand

There is almost no better way to associate your brand with the revelry. Imagine your logo on a stylish wine or champagne box….

Your brand in a tastefully printed box

The possibilities here are endless. From handy office goodies, to a delicious bar of chocolate. The items you choose say something about who you are as a company. A thoughtful selection of items can even be a mini-marketing campaign in itself. Present that in a nice box and you’re in immediately!

From idea to execution, we are ready to help you at our printing company in Mechelen. An end-of-year campaign with physical printing is a valuable investment in your relationships. Interested? Contact us and we’ll make something beautiful together.

On to 2022: Buroform’s print top 10

A new year lurking around the corner? High time to look back as well as look ahead! Ten concepts from the past year that will undoubtedly boost your future marketing.

1. Direct mailings

The more corporate advertising, the better? Not always. Of course, you have to stay top-of-mind. But customers don’t expect an overload of ads from you. What convinces them much more is a personalized gift. Direct mailings are great for that. A sweet compliment or a discount via unique code? The latter is golden. You can trace from any information with it. To measure is to know!

2. Print and digital reinforce each other

Barcodes and QR codes are now well established. Want to put a lot of information in a limited space? Then they are very convenient solutions. A QR code maps your recipient’s interaction and provides insight into interesting statistics. For example, how many people scanned the QR code? And how many customers actually placed an order after a scan? Again: to measure is to know!

3. The future is sustainable

Do you want to work as ecologically as possible as a company? Then you can infuse that vision perfectly into your print materials:

  • Use paper made from natural fibers sourced from sustainably managed forests (PEFC or FSC labeled). Or use recycled paper.
  • Reduce the weight of your printing: choosing paper of 80g/m2 instead of 100g/m2 reduces your consumption by 20%.
  • Print information recto/verso on recycled paper.
  • Work with a printer who shares the same love of nature as you do.

4. Corporate gifts for the holidays

Of course, every year you wish clients and partners a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Yet the way you do it can add value to your message. Gifting a Christmas card is always a good idea. A calendar even more so. In our print shop, it remains the most popular year-end gift every year. Do you really want to blow your customers away? Then a champagne box is the cream of the crop. On the best night of the year, she shows off on your client’s banquet table. The hangover he or she takes with pleasure.

Example: Chamizo’s printed material consists of 3 fluorescent colors

5. No budget for film? White ink on the HP Indigo

One of the most important features of the HP Indigo 7900 is the ability to print with other color inks, such as white. In our 2021 calendar, we experimented a lot with it. Do you wish to receive a 2024 calendar? Then leave your address information here.

6. Coffee table book

A coffee table book is a keeper. Take this one from VAN THIEL & CO: a beautiful decorative piece that has its place in any living room. It is present, but does not intrude, leaving a positive impression on the brand and being top-of-mind with the target audience at all times.

7. Custom hood shapes

Did you know that packaging can take on a wide variety of shapes and sizes? With hood shapes, you can really go either way.

8. Attention to paper

The quality of your printing says a lot about who you are as a company. The right choice of paper is therefore at least as important as the choice of typography, colors or integration of a logo. Paper is something tangible. It can have a certain texture, sheen or hue that matches your organization’s values. That way you make it immediately clear what you stand for. The above Tomorrowland booklets are the best example: with an atypical format, foil and blind embossing and a taktile paper, Tomorrowland is already innovating!

9. Business magazines boom

For years, Meta has packed out its own magazine. Other Internet giants such as Airbnb and Uber already did it before them. When digital-oriented companies do it, it says something: content marketing does not lose sight of print. The reason? Online ads are rushed; print media sticks much better and longer. A beautiful magazine with a valuable story will stay on your coffee table.

10. Craft is back: foil printing and letterpress are doing it

Authenticity and traditions are still high on the agenda. As a company, do you want to exude class and expertise? Then you need look no further than artisanal printing techniques such as foil printing and letterpress. Organizations such as Zilte, Tomorrowland, QUUP are making eager use of it. The printed matter is given a special look-and-feel that exhibits an exceptional sense of sophistication and quality.

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Merry Christmas! Start your year-end campaign early

St. Nicholas is not in the country yet. Schools have only just opened, but the rollers on our presses are already greased and our printers are in their starting blocks, as the holiday season arrives again. That is, calendar, Christmas card and calendar printing galore! For a stress-free Christmas, starting your campaign(s) for the holidays in good time is a good plan.

Make a difference

End of year is the perfect opportunity to make a difference. Therefore, stand out with quality printing. It is the way to do something special for clients and associates. With a Direct Mailing , your warm Christmas message lands directly in your mailbox.

Twenty grams of happiness

Paper makes all the difference. During the end-of-year period, emptying your mailbox even more than usual is a time to look forward to. After all, that one will be showered with love, warmth and perhaps your festive designs.

Did you know that the opening rate of Direct Mail is 68.5%? An e-mail is only opened 20.81 % of the time. (Source: Bpost media)

A small gesture. A big difference.

Small gesture!

Christmas card printing doesn’t have to be complex. And the effect is far greater than the effort you put into it. You make people happy with a small gesture. It’s like a Christmas present coming in.


The more personal, the more beautiful. By the way, adding your recipient’s name to a Direct Mail campaign is not difficult, but makes a world of difference. You can send us an excel list of recipients. Our creative studio then does the rest, from design to printing and shipping.

Starting on time pays off.

The end of the year still seems far away, but the earlier you start, the more creative the result in the mailbox. And good to know: at the end of the year, our presses are running overtime. So ordering on time is the message to stress-free thank your relations with an original gift.

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