Strengthen relationships with strong year-end printing

The end of the year is approaching, and you know what that means: time to impress. Leave digital for a moment and throw in the tangible. We’re going all-in with tactile, eye-catching and super memorable year-end printing! From textures you must touch to colors that splash off the paper. Jingle bells, here we come!

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Christmas Cards

Great, soon we will open the mailbox and for a change there will be something in it other than bills and advertising. Christmas cards with the most beautiful Christmas wishes on them. Choose a special paper or distinctive printing techniques. At Christmas, it may already be a little more.

Calendars: your brand, all year long

You can’t start planning early enough. Giving your associates a calendar in your style makes you indispensable 365 days. Also include some helpful tips, punishing quotes or tasty recipes that fit what you do. That way, that calendar becomes not only an eye-catcher, but also a topic of conversation!

Wine boxes & champagne boxes: cheers to a strong brand

There is almost no better way to associate your brand with the revelry. Imagine your logo on a stylish wine or champagne box….

Your brand in a tastefully printed box

The possibilities here are endless. From handy office goodies, to a delicious bar of chocolate. The items you choose say something about who you are as a company. A thoughtful selection of items can even be a mini-marketing campaign in itself. Present that in a nice box and you’re in immediately!

From idea to execution, we are ready to help you at our printing company in Mechelen. An end-of-year campaign with physical printing is a valuable investment in your relationships. Interested? Contact us and we’ll make something beautiful together.