Breakfast sessions at printing company Buroform: a hit with us

Ever thought you could experience the best of the printing industry while starting your day with a croissant and coffee? At printing company Buroform in Mechelen, this is the new standard. Buroform recently began hosting bi-weekly breakfast sessions with notable industry speakers.

Trudy Dorrepaal as guest speaker at Café Cliché at Buroform
Dutch book consultant Trudy Dorrepaal showered her guests with physical examples of exclusive art books.

The new generation of printing experts

Buroform Printing Company has always set the bar high with its baseline “FIRST-class printing.” “We’re no rookies at bringing people together. We’ve done that before on a larger scale,” said Jesse Marynen (Chief Print Officer, Buroform). “But now it is precisely the small scale that makes the concept so powerful. Our main goal is to inspire and network. We create an intimate setting where connections go as deep as our passion for strong printing.”

Know-how & ‘street cred’

“The speakers, including ‘paper doctor’ Katrien Maes and Bposter Tatjana Raman, share not only their know-how, but also their life experiences in the industry,” Jesse said. “What you learn with us is not written in any book. It is the quality of the content that makes our breakfast sessions so extremely valued.”

“What you learn with us is not written in any book.”

Simplify print ordering

“We realize all too well ourselves that ordering print materials can be technical and complex. With the breakfast sessions, we equip our customers with the knowledge they need. This is always done in a friendly and approachable way.”

Tour of the print shop

Each session provides space for networking and for a tour of the print shop. “Most guests love seeing our printing machines up close. It’s a unique look behind the scenes that you don’t easily get anywhere else,” says Jesse.

No marketing and sales pitches

“While many in the printing industry like to eulogize the irreplaceable role of print, paradoxically, they often do so only through digital campaigns or average newspaper ads. That’s comfortable, but it misses the real soul of what we do. If we sincerely want to show the unique and tangible impact print can have, it is time to go beyond the usual marketing talk. It’s high time for action, for delivering First Class printing that amazes our customers and truly highlights the value of our craft.”

Made to measure

The initiative is fully in line with our mission: to make printing accessible and accessible to every company. “We continue to learn and innovate. With these breakfast sessions we take our customers through that process and want to offer them that little bit extra,” concludes Jesse.

Do you also want to keep up with the latest trends in printing? Signing up for a breakfast session at Buroform is easy and free via the Café Cliché website: