After cucumber time comes calendar time

As the leaves fall and the days get shorter, we get ready for the warmest time of the year at Buroform. Not just because that’s when our presses get to work overtime for year-end printing and corporate gifts. It is especially warming to see how each company, year after year, invests immense time and energy to create that one perfect calendar.

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A calendar that is more than just days and dates

A printed calendar is a time capsule that tells the story of a year. At Buroform, we have had the privilege of printing the most beautiful calendars for many years. Each one that passes through our hands tells a story of dedication, vision and unparalleled passion.

Calendar design

In the digital age, the tangible, physical calendar remains a precious beacon of time. Designers transform these sheets of paper into true works of art, with each month offering a new opportunity to inspire, surprise and move.

Calendar The Giorgios

Create a calendar that stands out

Be inspired only by the best examples. Annually, companies receive calendars from various sources. To make sure your calendar stays on the desk (or hanging) and not someone else’s, it’s important that you empathize with the target audience AND make sure you come up with the best design. Looking back at the calendars we have printed over the years, there are some that really stood out….

Inspiration for designers

Considering designing your own calendar?

  • Think about themes that are both timeless or current, or perfectly suited to the activities of your business
  • Experiment with textures, colors, formats and printing techniques
  • Consider each month a new chapter in a story you are telling
  • Ask yourself: how do I want people to feel when they turn this page?

At the heart of each calendar is a story, captured in ink and paper. At Buroform, we cherish the opportunity to bring these stories to life, year after year, and we look forward to the many stories yet to be written.

Calendar printing for businesses

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