The benefits of a marketing portal for your business

Combining digital and physical marketing can be challenging. Especially when it comes to managing and keeping track of all the different assets. BAAS is an advanced (closed) marketing portal that brings all your marketing materials, both digital and physical, together in one central place. You have full control over your brand consistency and team members can access personalized material without relying on external parties.

How does this closed marketing portal work?

BAAS is an online portal you can use to centrally manage and/or order all your marketing materials. You get a customized system that ensures the consistency of your branded materials. Moreover, team members get access to personalized materials without outside intervention.

Maintain brand consistency in your marketing portal

Being consistent in your brand is a challenge. Especially when multiple departments or external parties are involved in creating new marketing materials. With a marketing portal from BAAS, you ensure that all materials meet established guidelines. Only templates approved by you are available, allowing any colleague to flawlessly create and download assets according to your brand guidelines.

Do you urgently need new business cards for colleague X? With no need for prior graphic knowledge, you enter his or her information on the marketing portal and in just a few clicks, this order is delivered to the address you choose.

BAAS marketing portal: preview of product overview

Time savings and efficiency

A marketing portal makes ordering marketing materials easy. You log into your portal and select the marketing materials you need, without communicating back and forth with outside vendors. This saves time and minimizes the risk of communication errors.

Personalization for regional marketing

For companies with multiple locations or branches, regional marketing is indispensable. With a marketing portal like BAAS, your teams can create personalized marketing materials locally, such as flyers, posters and brochures. All this without graphic knowledge ánd infringing on your brand identity.

Manage your budgets in your own marketing portal

Outsourcing marketing materials can become costly in the long run. With BAAS, you maintain control over your spending and budget. It allows you to order materials in bulk. That way you also benefit from discounts and more favorable terms!

To measure is to know

Your online marketing portal provides the ability to track and analyze the ordering and distribution of marketing materials. You can use this data to refine your strategies and work more specifically to achieve your marketing goals.

What are the possibilities with BAAS for your business?

Possibilities are endless. We personalize the BAAS marketing portal completely to your needs. Explore some of the features:

  • On demand printing of data sheets, white papers and brochures containing technical information.
  • Rent or purchase showroom equipment such as dummy devices and personalized roll-ups.
  • Promotional materials such as goodies, t-shirts, polo shirts are stored and shipped internally with us.
  • Continuously available online materials to support the sales team such as images, logos, videos and presentations.
  • Directly accessible multilingual platform for partners worldwide.

Want to know more?

Go to the BAAS website or connect with Jesse.