Merry Christmas! Start your year-end campaign early

St. Nicholas is not in the country yet. Schools have only just opened, but the rollers on our presses are already greased and our printers are in their starting blocks, as the holiday season arrives again. That is, calendar, Christmas card and calendar printing galore! For a stress-free Christmas, starting your campaign(s) for the holidays in good time is a good plan.

Make a difference

End of year is the perfect opportunity to make a difference. Therefore, stand out with quality printing. It is the way to do something special for clients and associates. With a Direct Mailing , your warm Christmas message lands directly in your mailbox.

Twenty grams of happiness

Paper makes all the difference. During the end-of-year period, emptying your mailbox even more than usual is a time to look forward to. After all, that one will be showered with love, warmth and perhaps your festive designs.

Did you know that the opening rate of Direct Mail is 68.5%? An e-mail is only opened 20.81 % of the time. (Source: Bpost media)

A small gesture. A big difference.

Small gesture!

Christmas card printing doesn’t have to be complex. And the effect is far greater than the effort you put into it. You make people happy with a small gesture. It’s like a Christmas present coming in.


The more personal, the more beautiful. By the way, adding your recipient’s name to a Direct Mail campaign is not difficult, but makes a world of difference. You can send us an excel list of recipients. Our creative studio then does the rest, from design to printing and shipping.

Starting on time pays off.

The end of the year still seems far away, but the earlier you start, the more creative the result in the mailbox. And good to know: at the end of the year, our presses are running overtime. So ordering on time is the message to stress-free thank your relations with an original gift.

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