Customer in the spotlight: Studio Boiler

For ten years, graphic designer Astrid Vanderborght went through life professionally as Recently that has changed and she reached her creative boiling point under the name Studio Boiler together with a handful of like-minded people. Boiling, building and branding, that’s the motto of this new churning collective. Fireworks insured.

Hey Astrid, with Studio Boiler you’re breaking new ground. Tell us more about it?

“I worked as for 10 years, but lately I noticed it was running out a bit. A new schwung was needed: a different name, a fresh look-and-feel, a whole new vibe. With Studio Boiler, I gather a number of creatives around me, each with their own specialty. Together we are able to build a brand from a to z. That starts with rolling out a brand identity: from logo and corporate identity to tone-of-voice and imagery. In addition, we translate that brand identity into a complete online and offline concept: website, social media, templates, printing, signage, and so on.”

How did you get in touch with Buroform?

“For large-format printing, I have been working with NOOOMI (Naomi Steylaerts) for a long time. She has a very broad network and had recommended Buroform to me in connection with a specific assignment. After that first introduction, I quickly received an invitation to the first edition of Cafe Cliché. Afterwards, I was really completely sold. Buroform thinks with you and does not shy away from any creative challenge. I find it a tremendous value to have our designs printed with you.”

So what makes Buroform stand out for you?

“The huge range of paper and printing techniques. But also the way of working. People help think about how best to translate a design to paper. That is quite exceptional. I notice a strong feel for the living world of graphic designers, which is very nice to experience.”

What is the importance of good printing to you?

“Actually, it’s very simple: printing can make or crack your design. Beautiful, high-quality printed matter adds undeniable value to your designs. A lot of time and energy goes into every project. A design that comes into its own when printed, that makes me genuinely happy.”

How do you personally experience the relationship between designer and printer?

“I experience that as two-way traffic. You give input on what is possible and new in the printing world. We take that input into our designs. This creates an interesting cross-pollination and you can keep challenging each other. It is precisely this healthy interaction that leads to clever and innovative results.”