5 examples for a successful corporate gift

In life, you must dare to look ahead. That means thinking about your corporate gift now. One thing is certain: year-end printing will be even more in demand this year than last. Five examples to make your year-end campaign pop!

Champagne box for dpg media

1. Custom champagne boxes printing

No Christmas or New Year’s party without bubbles. So don’t make it too hard on yourself: a bottle of champagne as a business gift is always appreciated. And even more so when the packaging is fully aligned with your brand’s corporate identity: your customer or partner receives a delicious gift, and you advertise yourself in one gulp.

Personalized calendar as a corporate gift

2. Personalized calendar as a corporate gift

An absolute classic. During the end-of-year period, a printed calendar or weekly planner remains a winner. Especially if you have it personalized. In that case, show off your brand on your client’s wall or desk for 365 days.

The only question: how do you make sure your calendar really stands out? Scroll through our checklist of golden tips to turn a weekday calendar into a stunner of size.

Not much time to put energy into design yourself? Then we’ll integrate your logo into one of our own designed calendars: a corporate gift that requires little effort yet is a highly personalized gift for your customers.

Tangible Christmas cards

3. Tangible Christmas cakes

Sending your Christmas and New Year’s wishes via Facebook, Instagram or a mailing is easy, but also a bit distant. A persuasive corporate gift may have just a little more depth. Nothing like a Christmas card printed fresh off the press with a personal touch.

Whether that is still of our time? Precisely because everything nowadays goes through digital means, people attach even more importance to the tangible. Research has already shown that a printed message is actually read 87% of the time. Moreover, such a card helps brighten your customers’ workplace. And admit it: this year we can all use some happy Christmas vibes, right?

Personalized calendar as a corporate gift

4. Personalized calendars

New year, new start. And maybe also a new best friend to help with your daily and weekly planning: the paper calendar is all the way back. If you have it personalized, it becomes totally part of your company story. Consider your logo or brand name on the cover. Or let out all the stops, go for a stylish foil-printed design and then use that personalized calendar as a corporate gift. In this way, you are by your client’s side every day of the year.

5. Relational gift wrapping with your own wrapping paper

There is nothing more fun than getting presents. Therefore, don’t look too far. Surprise your customers with creative wrapping paper or a custom gift box. Surprising, original and festive. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be more than that.

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