How does the ROI of a print campaign score?

In a world where online ads dominate, it is easy to write off print advertising as old-fashioned and ineffective. But what if we told you that print can still make a big impact and deliver an impressive ROI (Return on Investment)? According to research conducted by NDP News Media and GfK, it appears that print advertising, such as ads in newspapers and magazines, is still a powerful means of reaching consumers and achieving results. Let’s look at the findings and discover why print still deserves a place in the modern advertising landscape.

Daily newspapers and magazines: ROI Champions

The research shows that both dailies and magazines achieve impressive ROI figures. Advertisements in daily newspapers score an ROI as high as 120%. In other words, every euro advertisers spend on daily newspaper ads yields an average of €1.20. This means that the placement costs of the ads are already more than recouped within the campaign period. Magazines do even better with an ROI of 130%. Despite the lower reach of magazines, they manage to reach the right consumers and get results thanks to their highly targeted audience.

Television and radio: mass reach with moderate ROI

Although television and radio have a wide reach, the research shows that they have a moderate ROI compared to print media. Television achieves an ROI of about 60%, while radio scores slightly higher at 80%. The mass reach of television provides a good starting point, but the abundance of advertising diminishes its effectiveness. In radio, well-timed and powerful messages seem to work especially well to achieve the desired results.

Online banners: modest reach, but still a decent ROI

Online banners are often seen as an efficient and cost-effective means of reaching consumers. Although they have low reach and modest impact, the research shows that online banners deliver an average ROI of 110%. This is partly due to the lower price per GRP (Gross rating Point – percentage of audience reached). Although print ads are relatively more expensive per GRP than radio and television, their impact is so great that they yield a significantly higher ROI.

The influence of your target audience

In addition to ROI figures, it is also important to look at the targeting of the campaign. Print advertising gives you the opportunity to advertise in a very targeted way to a specific audience. This is especially relevant for niche companies targeting a specific market segment. Obviously, then, that’s where that high ROI score lies.

Synergy between online and offline channels

While print advertising has proven its worth, that does not mean it is the only effective form of advertising. In fact, print and online channels can reinforce each other. By creating an integrated advertising campaign, where print ads are supported by online presence, advertisers can reach a wider audience and increase the return on their investment. Combining different channels can create synergy and increase campaign success.

Measuring = knowing

The research shows that measuring the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns is also important. By charting how recipients respond to your campaigns, you can find out if they are producing the desired results. That way, you’ll know exactly what works and can make the most of your future campaigns.


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