Meet Werner: the man behind the machine

Pleasant! I am Werner Beuckelaers, a passionate printer for more than 20 years and a proud member of the Buroform family since about six years. Though feel free to call me “Prince Buroform” as well. Here I am not only at the buttons of the printing presses, but also at those of the radio. When Prince pops out of the boxes, the warehouse turns into one big dance floor and I dream of dancing in the “purple rain”!

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Werner demonstrates his passion for printmaking to illustrator Inez Maes.

At Buroform, I am responsible for…

“The production of offset printing. I prefer to print books and magazines, because those are the most challenging. Printing involves much more than simply operating a lever and waiting for the paper to roll off the press again. I have a tight schedule to keep to and strictly monitor the quality of the printing. By the way, I recently started printing with the new offset press, about which several articles have already appeared in the newspaper!”

What do you think of the new offset press?

“I am very honored to work with this new press. For Buroform this was a big investment, but one with an eye on the future. The set-up times are a lot shorter, so the real work can start much faster. After printing, the ink is cured immediately, which means that the printed matter can be finished immediately. We no longer have to allow for drying times. A luxury, both for myself and the customer.”

Werner was, of course, not to be missed in the promo film of our new offset press.

I got my job at Buroform through…

“I joined Buroform as an interim. Because I was so passionate about my profession, I was offered a permanent contract not much later. Of course I said ‘yes’ then!”

What does your morning ritual look like?

“I always try to get out of bed with the right leg. Starting the day right away in a good mood is important to me. Then, to the rhythm of the music, I knock down a choco sandwich and a cup of coffee before leaving for Buroform. I start very early, so the longer I can enjoy my bed, the better.”

On Werner’s recommendation: a video so you too can start your day off right.

What people don’t know about my position is….

“That printing is definitely not as easy as it seems. Many people think that the machine does all the work, but that is by no means the case. I am constantly on my guard as long as the press is running. Quality control is also done with the utmost care. I have a great responsibility in this regard. Absolutely nothing can go wrong.”

My proudest moment at Buroform is….

“The moment the new LE UV offset press was delivered. Construction took almost a full month, which was a tremendous experience to witness up close. Then I received an intensive training of almost two months. Very enriching! I know the press inside and out.”

What I like most about working at Buroform is….

“The bond with colleagues. A team spirit like here, you don’t find it anywhere else.”

Would you like to be part of the #buroformcrew? Then take a quick look at our job openings and there might be something for you.

See you soon!