LE UV printing press: an investment in the environment and in quality

Great news, because we have equipped our machine park with the LE UV Heidelberg Speedmaster CX104-4, a full option offset press of the “Push-to-Stop”generation which allows faster, more efficient and more sustainable printing, resulting in sublime print quality!

LE UV curing technology: great energy savings

The offset printing press is an investment that fits perfectly into our vision of environmentally friendly business. Like ourselves, this printing press has a heart for the environment, which is expressed in several ways. LE UV stands for
Low Energy Ultra Violet:
in contrast to traditional UV offset presses, ink curing is done using energy-efficient lamps with a precisely designed spectrum. On top of that, the use of washing liquid is reduced to as little as 2 cl per plate and a standby function ensures that half as much power is needed as normal.

Also nice to know: 918 trees were planted during the production of the press. You can view the certificate here.

“Choosing environmentally friendly printing and paper is not just an aspiration for Buroform, but a condition in itself. The LE UV is an investment that fits perfectly into our vision of sustainable business.”

The LE UV speedmaster CX 104-4

Faster delivery times, deeper colors

LE UV technology has numerous other advantages. The ink is cured in an instant and can be finished immediately, allowing for shorter lead times and faster delivery times. This rapid curing means that hardly any antismet powder is still needed, and the risk of ink transfer to overlying sheets is completely eliminated. Because the ink has no chance to be absorbed by the paper, the colors are also much stronger, brighter and deeper. Thus, the quality of printing increases gradually!

High productivity, sublime quality

It’s not just the rapid drying process that allows us to serve you faster. The LE UV press uses push-to-stop technology that increases productivity: it operates almost fully automatically, requiring far fewer human actions. For example, plates are replaced, positioned and checked by the machine itself. The insertion (the paper loss) shifts down almost by a factor of ten AND the press is set up and ready to print within a minute. Every hour we can process up to 16,500 sheets, resulting in sublime quality!

All the benefits again:

And in closing, another solemn “bye bye” to our old press: