Everything you give attention to grows: 4 sales tips from Jesse

Jan Roel has been researching the success formulas behind sales for 23 years. In his podcast RED-Selling, he regularly gives the floor to the best in the business. In early February, Jesse Marynen also got a chance to explain his insights on that theme. We summarize the interview in four statements, with expert commentary from our manager. Curious about the full interview? Just scroll and you’ll find it at the bottom of the page!

Jesse at the table with sales expert Jan Roel van Rhee.

1. It’s not your product that matters, it’s what your customer needs

“In the past, when I was still working as a salesperson myself, I used to pull up to the customer with a showcase each time: ‘Look what we can’t do.’ Now I realize that such an approach is actually counterproductive. By imposing your product, you miss the point. Namely that you must first and foremost listen to what your customer needs. His wish or need is your starting point. Only when you know that, then you can start showing the best of yourself with a personalized portfolio, if necessary.”

2. Really get to know your customers and make connections by letting them have their say

“As a salesperson, you are dealing with people. That’s exactly why you need to know who is behind that face. Prepare yourself well. Who do I have in front of me later? What has this person studied? What else is he/she working on? We live in a digital age. All that info is there for the taking. Google briefly, check LinkedIn, there are so many tools available to make a deeper connection from the first conversation. Make sure your customer is speaking and not you. To project it onto everyday life: when someone gives you the chance to tell your story or share your emotions, it still makes you feel incredible. That’s what I mean.”

3. Also learn to say “no” when you have to

“There is a lid for every pot. For every question there is an answer, but that doesn’t mean you always have to look for it in yourself. Sometimes you have to learn to say no. I myself am the best example of that: I always want to help everyone, when that is just not possible. Sometimes there are other people or companies who are better placed to help. Dare to express that too: half-hearted work is of no use to anyone.”

4. Treat your customers with the same care as your loved ones

“Today, every printing company is a top printing company. Everyone has modern machinery, offers super service and delivers quality. You distinguish yourself above all in human terms. By giving customers the feeling that you are really there for them. ‘Everything you give attention to, grows,’ I always say. Because there is so much truth in that phrase. In that view, customer loyalty is a lot like a love relationship. You have to keep caring for each other. If you stop paying attention, someone else will.”

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