Customer in the spotlight: studio basil.

Who gets to say it better than our customers themselves? Therefore, we are happy to let them speak wholeheartedly at this place. About themselves and about us, because every project is teamwork!

studio basil. is a branding agency in Brussels, founded by Ann-Sophie Maeyaert. She graduated as an interior designer, but after her studies chose to pursue an alternative creative path. She moved to London, studied graphic design and then worked in several agencies and as a freelancer. The latter activities also gave birth to studio basil. which she transferred to Brussels about two years ago. The agency operates mainly in the retail and hospitality sector, creating visual identities grafted onto a strong overall concept. “We assist companies in developing their entire corporate identity. That can go a long way, from coming up with a name and working out a logo, to the overall branding strategy, product development and so much more.”

How did you get in touch with Buroform?

“I only moved from London to Brussels two years ago, so I’m still honing my network. At some point online I stumbled across a number of Buroform projects. All of them very nice things that triggered me to have a listen to see if something was possible together. That’s how I came into contact with Valérie, your printing expert. I must say: that meeting blew me away. Valérie was immediately on board with my story. She exudes enormous knowledge, insight and enthusiasm, which is very inspiring.”

What makes Buroform stand out for you?

“I think customer friendliness is incredibly important. Buroform puts a lot of effort into that, you notice that in everything. And furthermore, the company simply exudes trust and that is after all the basis of all collaborations. I know I can count on your people, a feeling that was only strengthened after the first collaboration.”

What is the importance of good printing to you?

“My work hinges on beautiful, quality print work. You never get the same effect on a screen as you do on paper. Every design has a certain layering. You are trying to convey your message or that of your customers in various ways. Good printing shows those different layers. It also makes all the details you’ve thought about for so long become tangible. Color combinations, a certain type of paper, a printing technique, they ensure that your design is experienced as intended.”

How do you see the relationship between designer and printer?

“The connection between a graphic designer and printer is crucial. As a designer, you have some technical knowledge, but you never know everything. On the contrary. A printer who can share knowledge is a huge asset. I had that experience with Valérie. She is very knowledgeable. The knowledge you gain by consulting, by working together is priceless. It allows you to take different paths. You can suggest things to your own clients, your own designs become better, because you gain insight into new things. From that point of view, an initiative like Café Cliché is very important. Such moments of inspiration ensure that you keep learning and discovering as a graphic designer.”