HP Indigo 7900: more freedom for your printing

Our print shop welcomes a new printing press and that is great news. The HP Indigo 7900 is a lightning-fast automated sheetfed press that enables us to deliver even more beautiful print products. More to the point, it allows us to further optimize the balance between price, delivery time, durability and quality, so that you get even better service.

An inkjet you know. It probably shows off on your desk, too. As a printing company, we are taking a few steps further with offset and digital presses. They print either through a light-sensitive plate or through a thick layer of ink on paper. Well, on the tangent between those three, is the very latest addition to our machinery: the HP Indigo 7900. Through dozens of innovations in software and hardware, this press produces the sharpest prints in the industry. Whether it even matches the quality of an offset? We are inclined to say it does.

General information about the HP Indigo

Highly accurate recto-verso

So what makes us so impressed with our newest addition? First, there is the registration: this printing press registers itself how much ink to use and how many times the paper has to pass through the machine. Typically, several layers of ink are needed for the colors to come out perfectly. The paper then has to go through the press several times. But paper also moves in the machine, which can cause multiple layers of ink not to flow together nicely. With the HP Indigo 7900, this is no longer the case. In fact, this printer works with grippers, just like an offset press. They ensure that each layer is extremely precisely overprinted: the paper always stays nicely in the same place, so that different ink layers come together perfectly. Recto-verso printing is thus done more accurately than ever before.

Lifelike PMS colors, even white

Thanks to the HP Indigo 7900, we are able to print any PMS color. In fact, the color range is wider than that of any offset printing press. The printer features seven ink stations instead of the standard four CMYK colors cyan, magenta, yellow and key. This allows us to produce up to 97% of PANTONE® colors. Also in terms of “spot inks” and “one shot,” we can recreate these colors lifelike and everything can be done in one motion. In addition, the HP Indigo 7900 enables premium white printing. This is because the white ink is as opaque as screen printing ink, which means that white will really be white. Do you prefer fluorescent, transparent, silver or insightful ink? The color possibilities are endless.

Printing on any material

The HP Indigo 7900 works with liquid ink technology. Through laser beams, a thin layer is attracted and secured to the material being used. This leaves the structure of the substrate completely intact. Underground? Yes indeed, because we can print on more than just paper: canvas, cardboard, you name it. In addition, we work with HP certified paper, produced and tested at press size. An additional advantage: the paper causes as little damage as possible to the machine itself, which increases its lifespan and reduces expenses and maintenance.

Full automation

The HP Indigo 7900 is the industry’s most scalable high-performance print server that is fully committed to automation. Your product is completely handled digitally, making the whole process much more efficient. Not only are delivery times reduced, we are able to keep production costs lower. In fact, the control program automatically calculates which press is the most economical for your printing. In addition, there is advanced color automation that ensures accurate and consistent standards-compliant color: again, time- and cost-saving. Also, our Adobe software is being upgraded for multiple printing options. For example, you can combine different design elements or have different versions of one image printed in the same breath.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable story

Sustainability is also an important factor. The HP Indigo 7900 has the Intertek Green Leaf Mark and is produced carbon neutrally. It also generates less aval, is energy efficient and offers a supplies return program. So that way we are doing our part for the environment.

This HP indigo offers a world of new possibilities and that close to home. Curious about what it can do for you? Connect with us and discover these new features for yourself.


Print speed
120 four-color A4 pages per minute (2-up)
160 A4 color pages per minute in EPM (2-up)
240 two-color or monochrome A4 pages per minute (2-up)
Image resolution 812 dpi at 8 bits
addressable: 2438 x 2438 dpi HDI (High Definition Imaging)

Media format
Maximum 330 x 482 mm
Image size Maximum 317 x 464 mm

Paper weight
Coated: 80 to 350 gr/m²
Uncoated: 60 to 350 gr/m²
Thickness: 70 – 400 microns

7 colors
Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, orange, violet and green

Ink for special effects
Digital matte, fluorescent pink, invisible red, light black, light light black, light cyan, light magenta, white

HP IndiChrome off-press spot color ink HP
IndiChrome ink mixing system (IMS) for creating spot colors with CMYK, orange, violet, green, reflective blue, fluorescent red, bright yellow and transparent

PANTONE® colors
Supports PANTONE PLUS®, PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® and PANTONE Goe™, HP Professional PANTONE emulation technology in press with CMYK,
HP IndiChrome off-press (IMS) to produce up to 97% of PANTONE® colors,
HP IndiChrome on-press,
HP IndiChrome Plus on-press.

Printing on synthetic material,
Use of cardboard up to 400gr/m2/460micron,
Addition of white ink.