End-of-year printing: how do you stand out among all that end-of-year violence?

Print lives among us. Clicks and speed gave way to paper and authenticity in recent years. Authenticity lies well in the market, and businesses are also rediscovering the power of quality end-of-year print: in the midst of the digital deluge, print provides a respite. And no period more appropriate for a return to tradition than the end of the year, of course!

Make a difference with paper

The choice of paper determines the look of your end-of-year gift. Thickness, weight, texture, finish,… all play a role. For a flyer, for example, you typically use 135-gram paper; a Christmas card quickly aims for 300-gram. In addition, do you choose a smooth or matte texture? Or do you prefer to opt for a grain so that the paper evokes even more perception and tactility? Every aspect has its effect: the coating, the colors, the writability. Of course, we are happy to help you with this choice if it is not obvious to you.

Calendar commissioned by: Superkraft

A professional design

Enlist the help of a professional designer for the design of your printed materials. Obviously, many people can get along with InDesign and Illustrator, but not everyone is creative enough to really make something special out of them. Each his talent and experience, right? A graphic designer knows how to work with target groups, has a better view of the proportions between text and image, can play with colors and – not unimportantly – has knowledge of printing and the processes behind it.

Not too much, but the right words

It’s not just attractive design that gets attention. The way you articulate your message says as much. Never use too much text: people don’t like to read long posts. What does work is addressing your recipient directly. No one remains unmoved at the sight of their own name….

Keep an eye on the calendar

What applies to the end-of-year period also applies to other big moments during the year. Valentine’s Day, Compliments Day, Easter, a birthday or other life event. Seize important dates and events to connect with your target audience to make them feel engaged with your business. Relationships develop over the long term. You must continue to invest in your partners and customers even after your year-end printing is out the door.

End-of-year printing calls for gift

People like to be pampered. A card as a gift always comes in handy. But if you really want to make them feel how much they mean to you, go the extra mile. Show your interest by adding a gift to your attention. People not only like to be spoiled, they are quick to give something back. Or in this: calling on your services or buying something from you. Moreover, a gift allows you to measure the effectiveness of a campaign. Give the recipient a code he or she can use online to take advantage of it.

Are you ready to blow your clients away with a beautiful calendar? We execute your ideas to perfection. Still a question here and there? Jump in, and we’ll tell you everything you want to know. Make an appointment with Kelly soon.