Customer in the spotlight: Studio 19.09

Who gets to say it better than our customers themselves? Therefore, we are happy to let them speak wholeheartedly at this place. About themselves and about us, because every project is teamwork!

Several years ago, Nathalie Van Durme was working as a graphic designer for BO Magazine, our top lifestyle magazine. It was during this period that she also started Studio 19.09, a freelance project that has since grown into a full-fledged branding and design agency. Today it is three creatives strong and simplicity, clarity and character are typical. Pearls from the portfolio that might ring a bell? Lunch hotspot Barchel in Antwerp, handbag label Commori and interior design store Tillborg in Brasschaat.

What can interested parties expect from Studio 19.09?

Studio 19.09: “We help startups, entrepreneurs and companies tell their story using a strong visual overall concept. In other words, we build the brand from a to z, with everything that goes with it. In this, we go as far as necessary. From the complete corporate identity and logo to a website, signage and even interior and product design. For each aspect, we appeal to the right people, internal or external, with the goal of bringing the message to life in the most inspiring way possible.”

That means you have to know your customers inside out?

Studio 19.09: “True. I am a people person myself and that is strongly reflected in the way I work. My approach is very personal. I want to get to the bottom of people, because I believe that a good story can only be told if you know what lies beneath the surface. Who is behind that face? What is that person’s philosophy? What clothes is he or she wearing? You take that info and values into your concept. The nice thing is also that the people I work for are usually very passionate. That inspires enormously.”

How can print contribute to that overall story?

Studio 19.09: “I am not satisfied until every aspect is right and everything is aligned correctly. Details make a design. The same is certainly true of printing. Our designs often have a very personal touch, which I want to see reflected in the tangible version. It is important to me that the printer thinks along with me, and I experience that enormously at Buroform. There is very personal work, which is not only unique for a larger printing company, but also just makes your own work better.”

Which collaboration are you most proud of?

Studio 19.09: “For Contraload, I created the corporate identity. The printing was done by Buroform and that collaboration went wonderfully. I introduced the company myself and everyone was immediately on the same page. Another nice little project is Tillborg, where the printing also contributes very much to the overall experience. In the design, a pinkish orange and royal blue are the core colors. These had to be reproduced as faithfully as possible in the printed matter, and that worked out excellently!”

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