Lunch Garden: deliciously remote together

Posters, stickers, floor, wall and table markers. In times of corona, they are part of “the new normal. More than that: they are part of the solution to protect yourself, your employees and visitors. What can be done? This collaboration with Lunch Garden demonstrates that. An initiative that even made the news!

Removable stickers Lunch Garden

Everyone longs for a return of normal life. That it will continue to be very gradual is now clear. So structuring your store remains essential to ensure social distance. How that can happen in a restaurant, we doctored out with Lunch Garden. Hospitality is high on the menu there, so we tried to reintegrate it in a smart and tasteful way in a coronagraphic setting.

Stickers, posters and all sorts of markings help to bring people back to safety.

In addition to the presence of hydro-alcoholic gels in all areas of the restaurant, much attention is paid to clear markings: stickers on floors, walls and tables. These indicate where you may sit, which route to take, how far apart to stand, and so on. In short, they accompany “the new normal” in a playful way and make it all look just a little less sterile.

Creative signage brings life to your restaurant or store, creates clarity and still gives “the new normal” a playful slant.

What materials used can also be used for your store?

Removable stickers

These stickers are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. You can have them applied to all types of flat surfaces. Consider your store’s window to highlight temporary promotions or campaigns. Then you can repeat that promotion in your interior. We handle everything from sizing and full color printing to installation. Do you like to give some extra cachet to your communications? Then we add a matte or glossy laminate.

Yupo Tako stickers

Are you looking for stickers that you can easily apply and reuse yourself? Then you’re in the right place with Yupo Tako. This is a recyclable self-adhesive film that adheres to smooth surfaces via tiny suction cups. Think screens, beverage dispensers, windows, toys as well as electrical appliances. Thus, no glue is used, so you can easily reposition the decal over time. Just clean it with water and it is as good as new.

Yupo Tako is only available in white. Rather, are you looking for a transparent reusable sticker? Then go for the Yupo Jelly.

Floor stickers

To guide customers safely through your store, floor stickers are ideal. They look like ordinary vinyl stickers, but are specially finished with a hard-wearing floor laminate with anti-slip, so you can walk on them safely. In addition, you can use floor stickers very well as markers, for example, to indicate where someone should wait to maintain social distance. Sort of the principle you recognize in pharmacies and town halls, so that whoever is in front of you has adequate privacy.

Are you interested in a similar solution for your employees and customers? We provide communication, coordination and follow-up.