TAO Architecture

Corporate identity

Corporate identity architectural firm TAO

This project is one by graphic designer Arne Hellemans (design studio Brusk). One of his first assignments as an independent contractor was the branding for TAO, an architectural firm with a strong emphasis on the quality and experiential value of raw, natural materials.

This love for the pure product immediately forms one of the starting points of the brand identity and thus also of the printed matter. In contrast to the typical minimalist black and white image, soft colors were chosen that reference the austere palette of materials such as brick and concrete.

The text is printed with white foil so that even the finest details are perfectly legible and the whole thing feels very calm.

House style

Printing technique
Offset (Pantone 4179 + Pantone 173)

Foil printing (matte white)
Debossing (Gravure printing)
Embossing (Blind embossing)

Materica gesso 120 g/m2
Materica Verdigris 360 g/m2
Materica Terra Rossa 360 g/m2

Binding style brochure: singersteek

About paper (Materica)

The fibers (cotton) in the paper create surface roughness and pure cellulose fibers add volume and strength, making it ideal for exuding firmness and stability.

Materica is ideal for matched graphic materials, covers, brochures, portfolios and processing products.

The material can be combined with almost all printing techniques: Letterpress, offset, blind embossing and foil printing.