All the features of the HP Indigo
captured in 365 days

Testing, trying and experimenting. So much is possible with our HP Indigo that working with it is an ongoing voyage of discovery. To give you too more insight into the endless possibilities, we have therefore put together this calendar: 365 days of inspiration, created with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. And the necessary trial and error.

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The first impression must be good? Check. On the cover, we chose a gold paper that immediately sets the tone of our calendar. Because the inks of the HP Indigo are semi-transparent, we provided an additional layer of white ink under the CMYK print. That way, the colors come out even better.

Digital 5 colors: CMYK + White
Paper: Indigo Sirio Pearl – Aurum, 300 g/m2

Stickers to highlight your favorite days

On the stickers you can see the typical Buroform ink waves. Under the CMYK printing, we applied two layers of silver ink, which gives almost the same effect as coldfoil. The big advantage for you is the price: depending on your print run and size, digital printing is much cheaper. Thanks to the HP Indigo, we can also personalize your design very easily!

By the way, the cap shape for our stickers was initially too small. This caused the sticker sheet to dissolve in some places, resulting in unsightly blisters around the stickers. Testing, testing, testing: the key to success! #pressureexperts

Materiaal: Fasson / FocusTac HPI Transparent, 105 g/m2
Bedrukking: Digitaal 200% zilver + CMYK


A full-surface silver ink (200%) with CMYK printing on top. On the back of the sheet, the principle used is also visualized for clarification.

The idea is to create the illusion of coldfoil, but with the benefits of digital printing (such as personalization). Indeed, silver ink is transparent with the HP Indigo. Therefore, to obtain a nice opaque and metallic result, we must print in two layers, or so at 200%.

Also good to know: compared to coldfoil, this ink has a slightly more matte appearance.

Multiart – Silk 300 g/m2
200% silver + CMYK


Attract attention with fluorescent inks. Note: If you choose to do this, it is best not to work with transparent surfaces over fluorescent ink. You then quickly get dirty pink effects, losing the fluorescent look.

Papier: Mohawk Extra matt – Coldwhite (touch), 300 g/m2
Bedrukkking: Digitaal fluoroze + CMYK


A fun little experiment of white and black ink on colored paper.

The white ink of the HP Indigo covers slightly less well. If you want an almost 100% opaque result, then hotfoil is basically the way to go. Only drawback in that case: you have to work with a cliché, which makes you more expensive.

The solution is this digital white ink. A price-conscious alternative that also allows you to fully personalize your printing. We print two layers on top of each other (200%), so the coverage is quasi-perfect.

Ecofibres colors – Organic gold, 300 g/m2
Digital 2 colors: white (200%) + black


Sometimes you can use a special paper to get a similar effect to ink. You notice that very well here. No special inks were used on this April page. However, the cutouts in the image do allow the metallic paper to take over the function of the ink and make the scales shine.

Papier: Curious Metallics Itone – Metallic, 300 g/m2
Bedrukking: Digitaal CMYK


Do you want to work with special substrates? Then you always have to consider some limitations, although they are not too bad. There is an appropriate digital solution for most ideas. Here, for example, we printed on a transparent film and cut out a see-through hatch overlooking the next month. The entire design, recto ánd verso, is printed on one side of the sheet. Something like this is called one-shot technology: first we print the photo in mirror image in CMYK, then we apply 200% white ink over that, and then another 100% black with white text, spaced out on the verso side.

Papier: Folex® Digiprint – Transparant, 140 g/m2
Bedrukking: 200% Wit + CMYK = One Shot


There is one spot on our press for an additional fluorescent color. Pink, green, yellow or orange: the choice is yours!

Tip: transparent CMYK patches over a fluorescent color do not always give the best results. We speak from experience.

Papier: ExtraSmooth – White, 270 g/m2
Bedrukking: Digitaal Fluoroze + CMYK


Ever heard of “variable data printing”? Or from the HP plugin “smartstream designer”? You can do the craziest things with it!

Our creative department developed 1500 unique copies of this calendar in no time. The pattern you see on the right side of July is scaled and rotated differently each time. Compare your calendar with those of your fellow creatives and you’ll see: July is a unique month!

Papier: Constellation Snow – White, 280 g/m2
Bedrukking: Digitaal CMYK


Not evident: metallic ink on rough uncoated paper. But here we show that it can be done perfectly. Tintoretto gesso is one of the roughest papers that work on the HP Indigo. Yet the pure silver ink looks very sophisticated. That is not true of the other shades in overprint, by the way: the above combination should have been a fine play between yellow, silver and gold, but the silver dominates too strongly.

So test partially passed and immediately a useful reflection for your design: silver on a rough, uncoated paper is certainly possible, but be careful about transparency and overprinting in other colors.

Papier: Indigo Tintoretto Gesso, 300 g/m2
Bedrukking: Digitaal Zilver (200%) + CMYK


Thanks to HP Indigo, colors look tremendously deep and powerful regardless of the carrier. Take this design on Gmund Original Vergé, an uncoated, rough paper. The texture enhances the whimsical tactility of the walnuts and beautifully demonstrates how paper and ink can communicate wonderfully to produce the desired effect.

Papier: Gmund Original Vergé Digital Ivoor – Creme, 275 g/m2
Bedrukking: Digitaal CMYK

October / November

No special feature of the HP Indigo here, just a clear example of matte versus glossy lamination. Both months were printed on the same paper, with the same machine and the same inks. The glossy laminate gives a much more pronounced effect, and is ideal when working with photographs and deep colors. With matte laminate, you lose intensity.

Papier: Multicard tweezijdig gestreken, 250 g/m2
Bedrukking: Digitaal CMYK + mat vs glanzend gelamineerd


A full-face metallic silver on a metallic paper, with a photo over it as well: what must that give, we wondered? The metallic effect is obvious, but whether that comes from the paper or from the full surface with silver ink: who’s to say? In any case: test passed!

Papier: Sirio Pearl Polar Dawn, 300 g/m2
Bedrukking: Digitaal Zilver (200%) + CMYK

Overview 2021

One that was not to be missed: black paper with 200% white ink on the recto side, white paper with black ink on the verso side. Simple but significant, right?

Papier: Ecofibres + Colors – Black & White, 300 g/m2
Bedrukking: Recto: 200% Wit + Verso: Zwart