The Meadow

Hardcover book

Your green workplace

For 25 years, developer Odebrecht has specialized in building exclusive residential projects that excel in terms of architecture, quality and experience. One of the most recent additions to its portfolio is ‘The Meadow’ in Brussels. The office complex consists of three sleek building volumes, linked by connecting corridors on different floors.

Hardcover book

Printing technique
Foil Printing

Foil printing gold

Material cover
Wibalin Brillianta 4238 glued to grayboard cardboard

Material inside
Extra matt coldwhite 130 gr

Binding Method
Sewn Bound

An impressive realization, then, to which an equally classy presentation book belongs. Before that, Odebrecht had only one address: Steven Albrecht of Creative Rescues.

The printed matter has a hard cover, sheathed in green linen and printed with silver foil. For the interior, in turn, we chose Extramatt Coldwhite, a special coated paper with a very tactile surface on which the photographs of the building work beautifully.