Carpe Clinic

Corporate identity

Brochure and other corporate identity elements

Anyone who chooses beauty as their goal must, of course, look good themselves. Recently Carpe Clinic knocked on our door, a specialized aesthetic center where you can go for all kinds of facial and body treatments.

The request: a new brochure and accompanying corporate identity elements such as name tags and gift certificates. We chose a sophisticated luxurious look that fits nicely with the clinic’s philosophy. For example, the name cards are hotfoil printed and finished with a gold color on cut. The brochure itself also has room for a name tag so that everything fits together perfectly.

Name cards
Gift Certificate

Printing technique
Foil Printing

Color on cut

Name cards: Pur Coton Absynthe 710 g/m2
Gift certificate: Keaykolor Lichen 300 g/m2
Brochure cover: Keaykolor Lichen 300 g/m2
Brochure interior: Multidesign Natural 100 g/m2
Pochette: Woodstock Cipria 285 g/m2

About paper

Pur Coton
Pur Coton is an ultra soft paper and is synonymous with “refined luxury.” The fibers (cotton) give pronounced physical and mechanical expression to intense hues and a very homogeneous printing result.

With various pressings, design and commitment to the environment come together in an impressive way. The new products are FSC-certified and consist largely (30 to 100 percent) of post-consumer waste (PCW).