‘Very Peri’ new Pantone color of the year

Finally she’s here: the new Pantone color of the year! In 2022, the honor goes to Very Peri, a subtle blend of blue, violet and bright red. A completely new color that will undoubtedly provide renewed creative impulses.

The future in a new light

Since 2000, Pantone has been choosing a color in early December that the company believes will be trending in the coming year. Not surprisingly, we at Buroform are always eagerly awaiting these. For 2022, Very Peri (Pantone 17-3938) was chosen: a warm, friendly and youthful shade of blue, combined with a touch of red-violet.

Very Peri is a very vibrant color that reflects today’s rapidly changing world. We have spent the past period largely in isolation. As a result, our views, norms and values have undergone a serious shift. Innovations and changes are succeeding each other at an increasingly rapid pace. Especially physical and digital life have fused with each other in totally new ways. Very Peri wants to provide an answer to this. The color symbolizes a happy and cheerful attitude and encourages you to embrace all these renewed possibilities. Be creative, inventive and use your imagination: that’s what it’s all about. Message understood 😉

Color of the year 2021

Last year, the American Color Institute surprisingly announced not one color, but two colors. Illuminating (Pantone 13-0647), a cheerful, bright yellow, complemented by Ultimate Grey (Pantone 17-5104), a robust shade of gray. The colors are each other’s opposite, and together provide the perfect balance of strength and optimism. Something tells us we’re going to need them for a while in 2022, too.