Original Christmas wishes: say it with unique end-of-year printing

Christmas and New Year are coming up. So it’s high time to dive once again into the most original Christmas wishes. After all, how do you create a personalized Christmas card that stands out, inspires and feels genuine? Four tips to surprise with unique year-end printing.

Know who receives your Christmas card

Original Christmas wishes are different for everyone. How close are you to the recipient? Have you worked together intensely in the past year? Does that collaboration evoke memories or accomplishments you want to revisit? What personality does that person have? The answer to those questions determines the tone and content of your message. Do you go for a very personal touch or do you prefer to keep it professional: only you can sense that.

Original Christmas wishes? Use humor

Wordplay. They work. Even if they sometimes sound a little forced, they provide a lighthearted tone to your text. A touch of humor always releases more than a standard message. It’s okay to thank a construction partner for a constructive year. A client from the hospitality industry likes to read how your teamwork is the recipe for success in the future. Because that’s what it’s all about: you show commitment and demonstrate that you greatly value your client’s expertise. Small note: humor comes in different degrees. Jump in handy.

Inspire with an appropriate quote

On Pinterest and Google you can find them with heaps. Quotes are an easy way to get your message across. There are hundreds of famous and less famous sayings circulating on the net that you can use to create original Christmas wishes. Important: make sure the quote you choose also effectively connects with your client’s story. She just makes your Christmas card more personal.

End-of-year printing? Be there on time!

Once you know what you want, all that’s left is the effective elaboration of your Christmas card. Extra tip of the house: get there early. The holidays are traditionally a busier time, with consequent longer wait times. No idea what you want? Get inspired in advance or connect with us. We make sure your wildest plans become reality.