Meet the crew: Kelly Andriessen

Hi! I’m Kelly Andriessen, a bouncy and die-hard Avril Lavigne fan. I have Spanish blood as well as temperament. Hala Madrid! I work as an account manager. That is, I guide clients through the creative process that precedes printing. For example, I help them choose the right paper or see what printing techniques are best to convey their story.

Kelly in conversation with Bookdesigner Tina De Souter. © Jochen Verghote, LucidLucid

I got my job at Buroform through…

“Beforehand, I had no experience in the printing industry, so it must have been the ‘sparkle in my eyes’! No, seriously: I am someone with great drive who wants to grow permanently. That passion is often worth more than experience in itself. I suspect that this is exactly what was felt during my application.”

My morning ritual is…

“Organized chaos! Pretty much the story of my life to be honest. My mornings follow a well-defined ritual. If something or someone interferes, I am completely lost. At 6:20 a.m. my alarm clock rings. I snooze once and then scroll through Instagram and TikTok for about ten minutes. Then I get ready, which takes a while. Not because I spend hours in front of the mirror, but because I spend the whole time going over my day. Every now and then I get an idea that I want to share immediately or a song suddenly pops into my mind: chaos! ;-) Once I am out of the bathroom, I make a tea that I take in the car towards work. I leave around 8 am. I don’t eat breakfast. I do intermittent fasting, which means I only eat between 1pm and 7pm. Around 8:45 a.m. I’m ready at my laptop to start my Buroform day.”

Kelly chooses her paper with Bookdesigner Tina De Souter. Photo: © Jochen Verghote, LucidLucid

My proudest moment at Buroform is….

“I am someone who needs a lot of affirmation at work. Every compliment makes me proud somewhere. When someone told me that I fit really well within Buroform, a confetti cannon went off inside with a party music. But it’s also more general. When clients say they come to Buroform specifically because they want that extra something, it gives me a warm feeling. I identify very strongly with this company, so nice words like that are very gratifying each time.”

What I like most about working at Buroform is….

“The vibe. Buroform is a professional environment where I experience a homey feeling and can be completely myself. In itself this should be a matter of course, but I have already noticed that this is not the case everywhere. In any case, I find such a warm atmosphere enormously valuable. I am also proud of our product. I am not a typical sales person who can just sell anything. I want something that appeals and interests me. The creative aspect, the different techniques and types of paper ensure that no two orders are the same. Printing is incredibly exciting!”

Kelly and Levin visiting Igepa.

If I had not become an account manager, I would have…

That’s a tough question. The move into sales was a conscious decision for me. I was a preschool teacher for eight years. I did that with great passion. Only at a certain point I felt a bit stuck in my role. Buroform meant a new start for me. A new chapter with a lot of growth in it.”

The best career advice I have ever received….

“Growth is done outside your comfort zone.” An opinion from our Chief of Print Jesse, by the way. I came back overexcited from an introductory meeting at a networking organization. We then had a very good chat.

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