Customer in the spotlight: Kirsten Lion of graphic design firm SINGA

That Kirsten Lion would end up in the printing industry was written in the stars. She has been fascinated by design and styling since childhood. After graduating in 2007, she immediately started her own design firm, SINGA.

She has now been focusing on the development of stylish brands and everything that comes with it for fifteen years. Since photographer Ellen De Vocht has also become part of the agency, the service has expanded even further. At SINGA you can go for complete branding, from logo and corporate identity to illustrations, packaging, photography and much more. Curious about their work? Satisfied customers include star restaurant Tinèlle, the renowned Chocolaterie Limar and print specialist Canon Michiels.

How did you get in touch with Buroform?

‘Several years ago we did the complete branding of the Mechelen restaurant Tinèlle. From the name development to the elaboration of the logo, corporate identity, menu and website. Since the owners had worked with Buroform in the past, they insisted on having you do the printing again. I remember then being really impressed with your way of working: very open, very customer-oriented, very specialized.’

What makes Buroform stand out for you?

‘The know-how and the way it is conveyed. For me, the biggest added value is that you help think about how a design can really get better. With each project, you are immersed in so many choices, from finishes to paper types. For me, that makes the overall picture.

for me, the biggest added value is that you help think about how a design can really get better

What is the importance of good printing to you?

‘For me, it’s all about the details. The paper choice, the specific finish, the feeling you get with it. It is such aspects that really make a design come alive. When I get my hands on the result and notice how much care everything is made with, it can make me genuinely happy.

How do you see the relationship between designer and printer?

‘Both are each other’s extension. The stronger the connection between the two, the smoother the collaboration and the better the end result. Designer and printer should be able to inspire each other. That’s something Buroform does very well. As a designer, you are not always on top of all the latest developments. Through the inspiration pages on the website and initiatives like Café Cliché, I am constantly discovering interesting new things for my own projects.

Want to learn more about SINGA or what the agency can do for you? The website has all the info: