A boat is not made to lie in port

A new year, a fresh start. After an inglorious 2021, we all need one. But we are looking ahead and sincerely believe that the future is turning pink. The past year has not always been easy. Our industry faced one price increase after another. Obtaining raw materials was sometimes a hellish task. The labor market was and still is completely upside down.

The great thing is that our beloved clients have remained by our side during this period. You too, and we want to thank you and the whole team incredibly for that. Your support and confidence have helped ensure that we still enter 2022 with faith in a bright future.

A boat is not made to lie in port

A boat is not made to be in port. We too would rather sail than skipper. The coming year means new momentum to create a hybrid world where print and digital meet. In recent months, we launched Designcards.be. In doing so, we breathe new life into occasional printing through high-quality printing techniques and a growing range of beautiful pre-made designs. INKOprint.be also saw the light of day: a platform written from scratch with the lofty ambition of making quality printing accessible to every company. To add strength to the sails, we have just sent out our first magazine into the world, “Stoefboek,” because own praise doesn’t always have to stink. It compiles dozens of projects into the ultimate inspiration guide that highlights the power of offline and online communication.

So no, no resolutions for us during this year transition. However, we do keep challenging ourselves to do better and better, so that you can reap the benefits along with us.

Together is better, we truly believe that.
Keep up the courage and keep dreaming!

Jesse Marynen,
Chief Print Officer