Les Emeraudes


Brochures Les Emeraudes

To get investors excited, Antonissen Development Group develops a brochure for each project in which we, too, get to work our magic. The printing around “Les Emeraudes” was our first collaboration and a great example of the power of paper. The intention was to give the reader an extra thrill as he browsed through the brochure.

In Mohawk’s assortment, we found a grained paper with high tactile quality for this purpose. In addition, the paper guarantees razor-sharp photos, which is far from easy with such materials. In addition, the tranquil atmosphere of Les Emeraudes is additionally highlighted by printing some pages on lime paper.


Printing technique

Foil Printing

Yarnless binding
PUR bonding

– Gmund Colors Matt
– Mohawk Matt thickening
– Cromatico Transparent white

About Gmund paper:

The cover of the brochure consists of Gmund Colors Matt: a colored, handmade paper. Gmund is a German paper mill that is now almost 200 years old and still produces paper in the traditional way. That artisanship, along with a great sense of sustainability, is its greatest asset. In October 2019, we visited the company and it left a great impression on us.

“Gmund is a company with a story that is more topical today than ever. By focusing on sustainability, it contributes to a healthier world, a fact to which we at Buroform are also incredibly committed.”

– Jesse Marynen