Iconic Magazine

ION is a project developer and real estate investor with a refreshing perspective on architecture and urban development. Sustainability and innovation are not empty terms and you can see that in all projects. Visually, the realizations are all gems, while the integration of heat grids, green mobility and green roofs help prepare for the future.

Through its own magazine, ION wants to further emphasize that philosophy: Iconic is a lifestyle magazine that zooms in on its own vision and values in an inspiring way, while also highlighting beautiful architectural designs.


Communications agency d-artagnan is a young and inspiring agency with a lot of well-known names on its portfolio. For 4 years in a row, they have provided the concept and design of the magazine. Each time a pleasure for the eye thanks to light-hearted literature and full focus on the beautiful structures. The uniqueness of our collaboration? It was one of the first times we were able to use LE UV, a printing process that completely fits into ION’s climate-friendly vision!


Printing technique
Offset LE UV

– Soporset Premium 250g
– 60 pages Soporset Premium 120g
– 16 blaz silk Maco Sat 150g

The magazine contains two different types of paper: matte and glossy

About LE UV:

LE UV stands for Low Energy UV and is an extremely fast, efficient and durable offset printing press. This keepsCO2 emissions down and remarkably reduces the insertion loss (= the paper needed to set up the printing press). In addition, LE UV allows you to work at lightning speed: ink adhesion and drying are many times faster than with a conventional printing press, which also seriously reduces the risk of wet ink. Therefore, it is also ideal for printing on highly absorbent papers without using a lot of ink. In addition, the colors are brighter than if the paper partially absorbed the ink.

About paper:

Communications agency d-artagnan chose the paper itself: Soporset Premium Offset, a choice we can only applaud. This is a matte uncoated paper that brings out the intensity of colors and photos beautifully. Especially on a technical level, this paper stands out. It features high opacity, outstanding structure and extreme whiteness. Characteristics that help ensure that the images are printed without loss of quality, something that is absolutely no mean feat on a grained paper.

Soporset Premium Offset: a matte uncoated paper that brings out the intensity of colors and photographs beautifully.