SMA is BAAS about its marketing materials

We breathe digital, marketing and print. Therefore, in a changing world, we digitally throttle. Because those who look ahead become BAAS on their playing field.

BAAS (Buroform As A Service), our digital marketing platform is the direct link between your marketing environment and our printing presses. All your marketing assets are centrally stored and accessible worldwide. For SMA Solar Technology, the world leader in solar inverters, we even developed the platform in three languages so that partners in the Benelux countries, France and the United Kingdom can also work with the same, most up-to-date information.

Snippets from the BAAS platform for SMA. SMA Marketing Services
Some insights into the platform.

We are quite proud of our product and this project. Consequently, the directly accessible marketing and print platform offers a wealth of information and tools. In addition to ordering and printing, use it to personalize your corporate identity documents. SMA went for a total picture from a to z. The result is an all-in-one innovation, both in terms of usability and time usage. Do you also like to look ahead? Then this platform is totally for you.

Marketing Platform

From idea to creation. In its own corporate identity, trilingual and according to company requirements, we developed the BAAS platform “SMA Marketing Services” together with SMA. With this online tool, customers have all their desired marketing materials quickly and easily at hand. This makes it simple as well as consistent. Experience it as a functional catalog with all brand, product and distribution elements: from print to digital applications to promotional items.

For partners, customers or the SMA sales team, this is the dream solution. The material can be continuously downloaded, personalized in line with the corporate identity and ordered. This means maximum productivity for minimum cost.

“We breathe digital, marketing and print. That’s why, in a changing world, we throttle digital. Because those who look ahead become BAAS on their playing field.”

Tailored to everyone’s needs

For us, this is the essence: digital marketing meets high-quality print, at any time and according to your needs. BAAS offers the user a new dimension: in just a few clicks you get an overview with the available marketing tools.

Thanks to BAAS, SMA partners can access “SMA Marketing Services” from anywhere in the world, on any device. This way they always take the latest information with them on customer visits. Technical data sheets or premium giveaways can be delivered to different addresses. And thanks to personalized e-vouchers, users can even order most of the products for free.

What are the possibilities with BAAS for your business?

Possibilities are endless. We personalize the BAAS platform completely to your needs. Get inspired by some of the features we implemented for SMA:

  • On demand printing of data sheets, white papers and brochures containing technical information.
  • Rent or purchase showroom materials such as dummy devices and (personalized) roll-ups.
  • Promotional materials such as goodies, t-shirts, polo shirts, mouth masks are stored and shipped internally with us.
  • Continuously available online materials to support the sales team such as images, logos, videos and presentations.
  • Directly accessible trilingual platform for SMA partners from France, the United Kingdom and Benelux.

Want to know more? Go to the BAAS website or connect with Jesse.