Intern Kelly looks back on her internship at Buroform

Hey there, you may remember me from some Instagram stories, but for those who don’t know me yet: pleasant! My name is Kelly and I have been an intern at Buroform for the past 14 weeks. I am studying business marketing and have had the opportunity to get a taste of the business world thanks to my education. Because my experience here was tremendously fun and educational, I’d like to take a look back with you.

An exciting beginning

At the beginning of my internship period, I really didn’t know what to expect. I knew nothing about printing techniques or papers, so I secretly found it all very exciting. Fortunately, that excitement turned into a warm welcome feeling very quickly. I was welcomed with open arms and immediately realized that everyone here is tremendously helpful.

My supervisor Julie introduced me to the world of printing and in a short time I learned all about paper types, printing techniques and printing in general. The assignments I received would actually be used on the website, which provided extra motivation! I still asked Julie many questions in the beginning, which she happily answered each time.


Of course, I came here primarily to learn about marketing, which worked out wonderfully. Not only Julie but also Jesse helped me tremendously with various tips & tricks. For example, he introduced me to Simon Sinek and gave advice at the weekly marketing meeting.

Translating Buroform’s website, providing content and even creating a website page…. All things I had never done before, but were so great to discover with the Buroform family. My assignments here were extremely varied, making the experience even more special. I not only learned, but also had fun, learned to schedule better, improved my photography skills and most of all had a huge laugh.

Getting to know myself even better

An internship allows you to learn what you like and don’t like to do within a company. For example, sitting behind a computer all day is less my thing. I like to be among people. So a job where I have variety from time to time is more for me. 😊

Knowing what you’re not looking for in a job or what doesn’t suit you is just as important as finding out what you do enjoy doing. So, in short, I got to know myself even better during this period.

A big thank you to everyone on the Buroform team. And especially to Julie, my intern mentor, who stood by me every day. To Jesse for the tips & tricks during the marketing meetings and to Lisa for all the help. To Pieter, Lode, Sven and Dirk for your guidance on questions and funny comments. Kim, Werner, Leo… And I would actually call everyone like that. So hereby: thank you to EVERYONE for these cool 4 months!


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