Calendar 2024

bart kuykens & buroform

art calendar

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Calendar 2024
This calendar is the result of a collaboration between two masters of their craft: the visual art of Bart Kuykens and the high-quality printing of Buroform.

This is not just any calendar: you will soon have a designer piece in your hands. Designed in a striking A2 format, it serves as a stage for Bart Kuykens’ iconic photography, brought to life with Buroform’s (printing) expertise.

Each month, your living space transforms into a revolving gallery. This calendar allows you not only to mark the time, but more importantly to give it meaning thanks to its careful selection of images and unwavering attention to detail. The paper is not just a background; it is an integral part of the whole. Together, we selected materials that present Bart Kuykens’ art at its best. You don’t just look at a calendar: you feel it, you engage with it, you experience it.


Bart Kuykens


EditionFirst printing, October 2023
Graphic DesignerSven Goewie (Buroform)
Material coverSirio Ultra Black, 280 g/m2
Interior materialX-Per Bulk premium white 250 g/m2
Dimensions594 x 420 mm (w x h)