Brochure for WATWAT


What is still allowed and especially what is not allowed in these corona times? A question that everyone asks themselves from time to time, especially the young. Therefore, in January, youth organization WATWAT launched the brochure MAGDANOG! An initiative to sensitize, inform and motivate teens. Not in a pedantic tone, but in a clear, playful and fun way.

Papieren brochure MAGDANOG?!

“The illustrations should support the text so that everyone understands the message in an instant.”


The brochure is truly a gem. Thanks to the creative teamwork of graphic designer Tina De Souter and illustrator Chrostin who together made it a beautiful visual story. A story that finally came to life in our print shop. Because MAGDANOG?! is above all a child of our brand new LE UV offset press. It was allowed to show immediately what it does best: deliver enormously detailed and sophisticated printed matter with razor-sharp colors.

That the brochure did not go unnoticed, by the way, is evidenced by the large media coverage. MAGDANOG! even made the newspapers and the VRT news.

“We have compiled the information that virologists share with us every day in the brochure tailored to young people.”

– Dina Srouji, campaign manager at WATWAT