Odette Lunettes

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Odette Lunettes

Looking for glasses that could enhance her personality and style, TV face Eline De Munck herself took a seat at the design table. Together with TV producer Bob Geraets, she succeeded in launching a new eyewear label that, barely three years later, has already been widely followed both at home and abroad. Quirky character Buroform developed two unique lookbooks for Odette Lunettes, in keeping with the timeless and quirky nature of the label. The white edition was eloquently titled Voyeur, after the extravagant sunglasses line of the same name. The black lookbook, Allure, showcases silhouettes from the brand’s sophisticated design line.

Both lookbooks received a chic matte cover with Odette Lunettes’ logo in glossy gold foil. This stunning contrast results in a special, luxurious feel that will immediately catch the eye of our client’s exclusive target audience. Thus, Voyeur and Allure literally become eye-catchers. The titles of the books, extra highlighted with 3D spot varnish in the interior, contribute to the subtle but extremely elegant style peculiar to the label. By choosing this design, these colors and exclusive finishing techniques, Odette Lunettes resolutely pulled the card of emotion. The lookbooks not only tell a story, they are part of the story in themselves. To readers to let their imaginations run wild!

The lookbooks not only tell a story, they are part of the story in themselves

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