AUM Brussels

Menu card

AUM Brussels


Menu card

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Digital (HP Indigo 7900)
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Wine and menu card cover: Suedel Luxe SLG4565 Prune
Cover Lounge Card: Suedel Luxe SLG4508 Neige

In and around Brussels, hip restaurants are popping up like mushrooms. One of the most recent additions to that impressive culinary portfolio is AUM, a bustling resto bar with an oriental slant that transforms into a lively nightclub on weekends, driven by sultry Indian beats.

Fine dining, lounging and clubbing: it’s all here, surrounded by the beautiful interior of WeWantMore. Every fine detail is right in AUM, right down to the menu, in which you also taste our expertise. The card is covered with the exclusive velvet-like fabric “Suedel®luxe,” which very nicely reflects the tactile, glamorous atmosphere of AUM. The pleasantly soft touch of the material is a delight for your fingertips.

Suedel® luxury is a product of Winter & Company, which has been covering packaging and book covers since 1892. The elegant look of suede leather and smooth finish add a luxurious touch to your printing. The material is also best friends with the environment: it is REACH compliant and FSC certified. There is even a 100% recycled collection: Suedel®luxe Recycled. Suedel®luxe is available in 26 colors and ideal for foil, screen and offset printing.

The founders of AUM are Maxime Gillet, hospitality entrepreneur pur sang and Lucka Wahba, ex-manager at AB InBev and co-founder of the Japanese-Peruvian restaurant Sanzaru in Woluwe. The two bosom friends conjured a so-called “High Energy Fine Dining concept” out of the top hat: at AUM, you savour the spicy flavors of Indian cuisine against the backdrop of energetic oriental vibes. The place is a restaurant, bar and lounge in one and transforms into a sultry nightclub from Thursday to Saturday in the late hours where DJs transport insistent Indian beats to the dance floor. We spoke with both founders about the new Brussels crowd-pleaser as well as the menu, which seamlessly captures the unique style and atmosphere of the place.