Cultural Center Lokeren

Seasonal Brochure

Lokeren cultural center’s seasonal brochure gets new look


Seasonal Brochure

Printing technique
LE-UV offset
UV Spot Varnish

Cover: One-sided sulfate board 250 g/m2
Inside: Offset white 120 g/m2

Cover recto: matte laminate
Yarnless bound

The Lokeren Cultural Center has revamped its seasonal brochures. The center is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, and it’s already allowed to be a little more. As popularly known as “a ruby wedding anniversary,” the ruby became the theme of the entire campaign. In an abstract way, this stone became an important graphic element in the brochure and on the website.

“For the cover of the brochure we wanted a lacquer look. For that, Femke from Bloudruk recommended Buroform. We hear each other again for year 23-24.”

– Frederik Rogiers,theater, dance and music programming, Communications, Training & Projects