First edition Café Cliché

Unique invitation

Unique invitation gives Color Class(h) extra color

In September, the first edition of Café Cliché continued under the title Color Class(h). The entire evening revolved around “color,” a theme that naturally inspires a delightfully experimental invitation.


Printing technique

Hood shape

Factory Yellow
Pale Grey
White Frost

Keynote speaker at Color Class(h) was Lubos Bisto of paper giant G.F. Smith. He came to talk about “The World’s Favourite Color Project,” the most comprehensive color study ever. ‘Marrs Green’ eventually turned out to be the world’s big favorite, upon which we used the hue as the base for our invitation. The rest of the printing is one big creative experiment. The event logo was gravure-printed into the paper and featured yellow accents as additional references to the Color Class(h) feel. In addition, a yellow wave in Factory Yellow paper reflects our corporate identity. Finishing touch is the text on the back in white letterpress.

To promote the event, we also went to work with labels and cards. To explain more about Color Class(h), for example, we printed digitally on White Frost paper from Colorplan. In addition, we created labels on Pale Grey paper so that each guest can stick all the information directly into their calendar.

The rest of the printing is one big creative experiment.