Blues – Tina De Souter

We just can’t get enough of graphic designer Tina De Souter ‘s work . And fortunately, neither can she of ours ;-). For “Blues,” we joined forces once again. This is a beautiful brochure commissioned by Dutch film director and artist Joost Vandebrug on the occasion of his group exhibition of the same name.

Vandebrug brought together seven leading artists from Belgium, Iran, Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United States and the United Kingdom. Each in their own way, they explore the historical process of cyanotype, also known as blueprinting. The brochure accompanies the expo in words and images, offering a clever synthesis of the story the artists want to bring.

Stapled brochure (invitation)

Printing technique
Digital (quadri) + Embossing

Embossing (Blind embossing)

Cover: Indigo Arena Rough Natural 300 gr
Interior: Indigo Arena Rough Natural 120 gr

The flap of the cover was folded outward.


Cyanotype or blueprint is a photographic technique formerly used primarily to make copies of large technical drawings and notes. It was Sir John Herschel who discovered the process in 1842. Soon after, the technique was picked up by several artists. Photographers in particular became fascinated by the rich shades of blue. Until deep into the 20th century, cyanotype was widely used, especially by engineers and architects making blueprints of plans and floor plans. Only when the photocopier and other cheaper methods began to proliferate did the blueprint disappear from view. Blues now sheds new light on the time-honored technique, and how!