Showing off our own magazine: Stoefboek


Printing Technique
Cover: Foil printing + 3D embossing
Inside: Heidelberg LE UV Offset

Foil printing
3D Embossing

Cover: Sirio color Anthracite, 290 gr
Inside: Extrawhite Rough, 120 gr

Binding Method

Admittedly, good intentions are not really for us. When we think of a new year, we rather think of a fresh start. New opportunities. Taking experiences and turning them into something creative to inspire people and make them happy.

In 2021, the impact of print media was demonstrated once again. Therefore, we are kicking off the new year with the first edition of our Stoefboek. Yep, our first magazine with a selection of the best projects of the past year. A book in which we put the spotlight not only on ourselves, but especially on our customers.

Have you already got your copy? Request your free copy here.

Print and digital go hand in hand

Each project features a QR code with more information about the assignment and client. This way we attract you to our website and we can easily map out which projects have been scanned where most often. Who said print and digital can’t go together? #measurementisknowing