We are reading again!

In addition to the close contact with clients and everyone who matters to Buroform, continuing to learn is also a great occupation of our manager, Jesse. He is happy to share his experiences and insights through a brand new series among our stories. We lead in with a punishing opener about: the book.

“Yes! We’re reading again.”

What made me happy this week when I heard: the book is doing well. What was always portrayed as lackluster and colorless is trendy and hip again.

For starters, in times of corona, books turn out to be the miracle doctors on duty. A good book is a form of social contact, gives new energy and even provides comfort.

A book as a conversation opener

Finally you can talk about something other than the evolution of corona measures or that last walk to the strawberry vending machine. Next, a book offers depth and peace. A privilege in a world where we invariably rush past ourselves. In short: reading is a new form of luxury.

Status symbol

Now we have turned a page, literally. Bookstagrams, bookstubes, online reading clubs, reading challenges, book dates,… Reading books has even become a new status symbol.

Actresses such as Reese Witherspoon and Emma Watson have their own digital book club. Influencers get likes because they tout a book, highlight interesting paragraphs and convert excess time into devouring pages. Reading makes popular, is therapy and meditation, offers conversation and makes new friends.

“What was always portrayed as lackluster and colorless is trendy and hip again.”

Our top 3 must-reads for entrepreneurs

1. Shoe dog

The story of Nike’s founder.

Shoe dog – written by: Phil Knight

2. Digital transformation

Prepare your organization for the future.

Book : Digital transformation (3rd edition) – Jo Caudron & Dado Van Petghem

3. The infinite game

Book: The infinite game – Simon Sinek

Which book has offered you an escape route in recent months and is an absolute must-read?

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