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Occasion printing
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We are happy to introduce you to our online ordering platform for occasion printing: On it, you can design your birth, wedding, communion or even Christmas cards all by yourself, making it even quicker to receive. All with the same trusted quality of Buroform printing.

Occasion printing,
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About Designcards

The mission of Buroform – of which Designcards is a part – says it all: making modern and high-quality printing accessible is what matters to us. Designcards flowed further from this idea and specialized in creating occasion printing. With cards from Designcards, emotions are translated through strong designs and artisanal printing techniques, such as letterpress (impression) and foil printing.

With Designcards, we especially want to inspire people with handsome designs and strong printing to be able to celebrate their most beautiful moments with a “Designcard.

Occasion printing online

We want to lower the barrier to ordering high-quality occasional printing. Today everything goes digital, but when it comes to high-quality printing, it’s hard to find your way online. In addition, it also takes a lot of energy to have a design done by a graphic designer or request a quote if you don’t already know the possibilities. To these shortages, our new platform should provide a clear answer.

For example, through Designcards’ website you can obtain a
sample pack
order. This package introduces you to the different styles, finishes and papers. On the online ordering platform, you can then choose the design that suits your style. Do you prefer to create your own? That too can be done online. The online editor makes it very easy to modify existing designs or to simply start from a blank card.

In the ordering process, you can calculate your own price and create compositions (for example: envelope + card + sticker) for your occasion printing. After your order, our experts are ready to check each design extra carefully. Immediately after approval, your design can go into print.

Who is Designcards intended for?

Designcards is designed for individuals, for people who want to be inspired or who are looking for unique ready-made designs that are perfect for the moment. In addition, it is also intended for people who would like to be immediately informed (prices, options, methods, etc.) and get started themselves.

Are you looking for occasion printing yourself? Or are you just curious? Then be sure to take a look at

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“We stand out. No thirteen-in-a-dozen, but creative and inspiring designs. We go for genuine craftsmanship. Quality comes first, both in production and in our customer service. The printed matter is made with love and you feel that from the moment you hold it in your hands.”

– Lisa De Kegel, Brand Manager at Designcards

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Are you looking for occasion printing yourself? Or are you just curious? Then be sure to take a look at