Lookbook: Obumex


Printing technique

Cover: Arctic Paper Volume high white 300 gr
Interior: Arctic Paper Volume high white 150 gr

Swiss binding with black yarn
Color on cut: black

Sissi Lauwers Studio

Sissi Lauwers Studio is an established name in the Ghent design world. The graphic designer and her team are known for their distinctive, modern style. In this high-end furniture catalog for Obumex, it comes full circle. The Swiss binding combines a solid foundation with a sophisticated look.

Lookbook Obumex

In the field of interior design and customization, Obumex is one of our country’s leading brands. In each design you will discover the same attention to beauty, craftsmanship and quality. This is reflected in this high-end lookbook, designed by graphic designer Sissi Lauwers. The white main tone exudes Obumex’s artisanal minimalism, which is further emphasized by the choice of Swiss binding with black yarn. She not only provides the book with a solid foundation, but also helps create the sophisticated look that is so characteristic of the brand.

“I have enjoyed working with Buroform. Beautiful, quality work is delivered. With this book, we especially wanted to achieve a discreet luxurious look. Especially thanks to the Swiss binding and the color-on-cut, that worked out beautifully.”

Sissi Lauwers