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Welcome to gustave: a culinary journey in a warm homely atmosphere

Step inside gustave, and you’ll find yourself on a journey of culinary indulgence. This historic mansion, originally owned by Gustave Deschrynmaekers and built in 1852, was transformed into a trendy taparesto and bar. Here you can enjoy delicious tapas with Spanish and Italian influences, authentic Flemish dishes, and relax in the cozy lounge.

Menu card

Foil printing 6735 (copper)

Senator 74000

Binding Method
elastoband (125113)


Menu cards

It’s all in the details. Therefore, gustave called on graphic design firm Identiq to handle the design of the menus. The covers of the menus were covered with a warm linen fabric with gustave’s logo printed in bronze. The inner sheets are held in place with an elastic band in the same color as the foil print. This subtle detail provides a refined finish and a sense of cohesion.

At gustave, it’s all about the total experience. Once you’ve seen the menus, you immediately notice how they blend seamlessly into the homey atmosphere of the restaurant. We made sure that all the elements, from the material to the colors and finishes, blend perfectly with the atmosphere that gustave wants to create.