Eva Faché

Art Book

A Soul That Roams Another World

Art Book

Tina De Souter

Printing technique
Quadri (LE UV offset)

Eva Faché developed a fascination with nature and indigenous peoples during her travels to northern Finland. Carrying only her camera and a backpack, she set off on her journey, unsure of what to expect. Along the way, she discovered the heart of her project: how living in a wilderness can shape spiritual experiences. In her photography, she focuses on animism, revealing the essence of nature in small details and reflections.

Cover: Multi Offset 250 g/m2
Interior: Multi Offset 90 g/m2
Outers: Multi Offset 90 g/m2

Cover 2 pages (cover with flap front and back)
Inside 172 pages – 43 sheets folded into 4 (= 43×4)
Excerpts 80 pages – 20 sheets folded into 4 (= 20×4)
Excerpts 20 mm shorter than page size, so 190 mm wide

Book design
Like Eva’s journey, the book is a true exploration into the spirituality she has seen among the indigenous people of northern Finland. Some sections are closed so you cannot open certain pages, but can only view them by “peeking” with your eyes between the folds. Other pages are fold-outs the very ones you can unfold completely.